standing rules

Section 4. Membership

4.1 Chapter Fee is twenty-five dollars ($25) per fiscal year and paid directly to AMTA with membership dues.

Section 5. Chapter Officers

5.1 The position of Secretary – Treasurer shall be separate elected positions.

Section 6. Chapter Board of Directors (BOD)

6.1 The BOD shall consist of the following members:

6.1.1 Elected President 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President 3rd Vice President Secretary Treasurer Dir. Education

6.1.2 Appointed None at the time

6.2 The BOD shall:

6.2.1 Meet face to face twice each year: (1) once preceding the annual meeting and (2) at a date, time and place designated by the President and approved by the BOD.

6.2.2 Hold a minimum of four (4) conference calls per FY.

6.3 Date, time and location of all meetings and conference calls shall be published in the Chapter newsletter.

Section 7. Chapter Meetings

7.1  AMTA - AK chapter shall hold (1) meeting per FY. It shall be called:

7.1.1 Annual Meeting: This meeting shall address Chapter business, required elections and the proposed budget. If time permits, a training and/or education program may be included. Two (2) weeks prior to this meeting the BOD shall hold a conference call or meeting to discuss / finalize the agenda. Minutes from this call/meeting shall be included in the Annual Meeting minutes.

7.2 The BOD shall determine the time and location of each meeting. This information shall be published in the Chapter newsletter.

Section 8. Nominations and Elections

8.1 Chapter elections shall be held during the Annual Meeting.
8.2 The Director of Education shall be elected during the odd year Annual Meeting. Term of office shall be for two (2) years or until a successor is elected.

Section 10. Official Chapter Publications

10.1 The Chapter’s newsletter shall be called Informative Touch and published three (3) times per year.
10.2 Chapter BOD members shall have their names, phone numbers and email addresses published in each issue of Informative Touch.
10.3 Prior to publication, ads shall be proofed by the advertiser and paid in full.
10.4 As proof of publication, advertisers shall receive a copy of the newsletter.

Section 11. Units

11.1 Units shall be in compliance with AMTA Bylaws and AMTA – AK Chapter Standing Rules.
11.2 Formation:

11.2.1 A Unit may form in any area where five (5) or more Chapter Members, in good standing, reside. Four (4) of the five (5) proposed Unit members must be Professional Classification Members, i.e. active, inactive or retired status.
11.2.2 A letter of application shall be submitted to the Chapter BOD for: (1) new Unit formation, (2) division of an existing Unit and (3) Unit boundary changes.
11.2.3 This letter of application must: Be signed by all five (5) Chapter members who intend to be members of the proposed Unit. NOTE: Members must meet criteria stated in 11.2.1. Provide a list of all cities and corresponding zip codes that will fall within the proposed Unit’s jurisdiction.

11.2.4 The Chapter BOD shall approve all Unit formations, divisions, boundary changes and zip codes.
11.2.5 When the Chapter BOD approves a new Unit and/or requested change (s), members who fall within the approved Unit’s jurisdiction shall have their membership records transferred to the Unit.
11.2.6 A member may not belong to more than one (1) Unit.
11.2.7 The Chapter Treasurer shall maintain a list of zip codes that fall within the Unit’s jurisdiction. This list shall be reviewed and updated annually and a copy sent to the Unit Secretary – Treasurer.
11.2.8 All Unit concerns and/or requests shall be addressed directly to the Chapter BOD.
11.2.9 Units may not enter into any legal contracts.

11.3 Office Elections and Terms

11.3.1 Elected Offices: Chair: Elected by Unit Members during the even year Unit Annual Meeting. Term of office shall be two (2) years in length and not exceed two (2) consecutive terms. Vice Chair: Elected by Unit Members during the odd year Annual Meeting. Term of office shall be two (2) years in length or until a successor is elected.

11.3.2 Appointed Office(s): Secretary-Treasurer: Appointed and reviewed annually or until a successor is appointed. The Unit may choose to separate this office into two (2) appointed positions. If this office is separated, then each position shall be reviewed and appointed annually.

11.3.3 Unit elections shall be held no less than 30 days and no more than 60 days prior to Chapter elections. The Unit Secretary – Treasurer shall submit election results to the Chapter Secretary no later than (NLT) fifteen (15) days post election.

11.4 Office Qualifications:

11.4.1 Elected Unit Officers shall be in Chapter Professional Classification Members in good standing.
11.4.2 Appointed Officer(s) shall be a Chapter Member(s) in good standing.
11.4.3 During their term in office, Unit officers shall reside within the Unit area and accept the responsibilities and time demands of their office.

11.5 Office Duties:

11.5.1 The Chair shall: Prepare meeting agendas and preside over meetings. Supervise all aspects of business. Be an ex-officio member of all Unit level committees. Appoint a Unit officer to participate in all Chapter / BOD meetings in his/her absence.

11.5.2 The Vice Chair shall: Assume assignments as directed by the Chair Fill the office of Chair for the remainder of the unexpired term should a vacancy occur.

11.5.3 The Secretary – Treasurer shall: Maintain accurate written records of meetings, proceedings and finances. Report this information to Unit members during scheduled meetings and, upon request, to the Chapter BOD. Annually prepare a proposed budget and submit this approved budget to the Chapter Treasurer NLT August 15th. If the office of Secretary – Treasurer is separated into two (2) positions, then duties shall be divided accordingly.

11.6 Meetings

11.6.1 Two (2) meetings shall be held per calendar year. Unit Annual Meeting: This meeting shall address business matters; hold required elections and approve the proposed budget. Unit General Meeting: This meeting shall provide and educational program and/or social activity.

11.6.2 Meeting times and locations shall be determined by Unit Officers. The Secretary – Treasurer shall submit this information to the Chapter Secretary for publication in the Chapter newsletter.
11.6.3 Fifteen (15) days prior to a scheduled meeting the Chair shall notify the Chapter President to confirm the meeting date and time.
11.6.4 The Secretary – Treasurer shall submit a copy of minutes, NLT fifteen (15) days after each meeting, to the Chapter Secretary.

11.7 Finances

11.7.1 Units will not maintain a separate checking and/or savings account.
11.7.2 Unit funds will be: Based on an approved budget request and Chapter needs. Included as a separate line item in the Chapter annual budget.

11.7.3 Annually the Chapter Treasurer shall project Unit income funds. This amount will be based on: (1) monthly disbursement funds received from AMTA and (2) the total number of Unit members as of Jan 1st. The following calculation will be used: 25% of disbursed Chapter funds for each member identified as a Unit member.
11.7.4 The Chapter Treasurer shall manage all Unit funds. Requests for reimbursement shall be submitted on the appropriate form(s).
11.7.5 If a Unit dissolved, approved funds, membership files and records shall be returned to the Chapter Secretary and Treasurer.

11.8 Termination

11.8.1 A Unit shall be terminated if one or more of the following apply: Required meetings have not been held for one (1) year. A full complement of officers does not exist. Elections have not occurred as specified. The Unit notifies the Chapter BOD, in writing, of their dissolution.

Section 13. Reimbursement

13.1 BOD members shall receive reimbursement for the following:

13.1.1 Travel, most economical rate, lodging, single occupancy available and perdiem expenses (meals and transportation).
13.1.2 Related office expenses: telephone, fax, postage/shipping, printing/reproduction, and office supplies.
13.2 Expenses shall be determined annually, included in the proposed budget and become effective once approved by the general assembly.

13.3 Reimbursement requests must:

13.3.1 Comply with IRS Regulations and Non-For-Profit status.
13.3.2 Be documented on the appropriate form (see pages 20 & 21 of the Chapter Financial Responsibility, An Operational Toolkit for Chapter Officers).
13.3.3 Be submitted to the Chapter Treasurer NLT ninety (90) days past date of receipt. Only original receipts will be accepted. Receipts more than ninety (90) days from date of purchase will not be paid.

13.4 BOD members shall receive a 25% discount on all Chapter sponsored workshops.


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